How To Unlock A Safe Without A Key?

One of the unpleasant situations you might face is the need to break open your own safe as you have misplaced your keys or have forgotten its password. You might need some documents and have found that your safe does not open and you have no other option than to break open your safe as you have no time to approach a Locksmith in Indian Land SC.


The way to overcome such a situation is prevention. It is advisable to keep some backups in order to access your valuables in the safe, in case you lose your keys or forget your password. The safest thing is to keep a password that you can easily remember so that you would not face such an uncomfortable situation. It is also necessary that you keep all your valuables carefully, and not cram it in your safe, lest it should not lock properly. In all such situations the best way out is to take the help of a qualified Indian Land Locksmith.

Lock picking requires hours of practice and you might damage the lock if you are not careful. The time taken to open the safe with a key will depend on the level of security your safe has. All lower end safes can be broken very easily and are not safe. Sometimes a simple safe can be unlocked without a key using a small knife and a pointy tip. This tip could be inserted into the key hole and wiggled from side to side. If performed correctly your lock will open in seconds. But if you fail to break open the lock mechanism you end up damaging your safe. We recommend leaving it to the professional locksmiths in Indian Land SC, so that there is no additional damage.

A safe with digital panels might appear to be complex but they can be overridden with proper gadgets. One way to open such safes is to hold a chisel with a flattened tip on the pin code and hammer it in. This would move the dial panel away and there would just be screws and knobs in front of you. The silver knob should be moved aside using a hammer and once you remove these layers you have access to the opening. You will find the button of the safe and once you press the button the safe should open. Since opening a safe requires a lot of expertise it is better to approach a licensed Indian Land, Locksmith .

There are different types of safe and opening a safe without a key depends on the nature of locking bolts. Remember that this does not work perfectly with every locking system. And it does not work in case of high security locks. Sometimes it would require drilling the lock itself. This is taken as a last resort as it might cause a cosmetic damage to the safe and its contents. A reputed Locksmith in Indian land SC will go for it as the last resort when all other options have dried up.

Another advantage of getting an Indian Land SC Locksmith is that after carefully opening your safe he will get a new replacement key so that your valuables can be absolutely safe again. When you approach a locksmith to open your safe make sure they are licensed, bonded, and insured professional. You have to be all the more careful when you go for a locksmith near you.

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