How To Choose A Quality Residential Safe

You might possess documents, bonds or jewelry that you need to keep safely and securely in your home. A residential safe will definitely help you to safe guard all your valued documents like house documents; bonds like mutual fund bonds and most valued possessions like jewelry, etc.

You need to look for a residential locksmith service in your area say Charlotte to buy a safe that would protect your valuables against burglary, fire, water etc.

Here are a few tips on how to choose a quality residential safe

The Size of the Safe Matters

When you decide to buy a residential safe you would have decided on the size of the safe that would be necessary to accommodate your valuables. Residential safes come in different sizes and are compact to suit the client. However it is advisable to buy a residential safe that is bigger than what you currently require. If you buy a safe that just meets your immediate demands then your future needs will not be met with. So it is always advisable to go with a slighter bigger size as residential safe is a one time investment. A commercial locksmith service in Charlotte should be able to guide on this matter.

Is it Fire Resistant?

We need to safeguard are valuable against a fire accident. Quality iron safes are made of strong metal that can withstand fire from 20 minutes to 60 minutes. A standard residential locksmith company in Charlotte will specify protection against fire. Thus, your residential safe should be fire resistant to safe guard your possessions

Is your residential safe Water Resistant?

It is very important to check if your safe is water resistant because floods and heavy rain may affect your house and if you have to ensure safety to your documents you need to have a water resistant safe. If you have decided to fix your safe in your basement you need to check whether your safe is water resistant.

Type of lock

The type of lock matters a lot. There are different types of locks like number locks, keys etc. If your safe is key operated there are chances for you to misplace your key or lose your key. Anybody can open your safe if they can catch hold of your safe key. The number lock system might be safe but there is every chance for you to forget your password and throw you in a soup. The latest biometric lock is better because it can be operated only through thumb impressions of the owner or through retinal scan so there is no fear of lost keys or forgotten password. A residential locksmith in Charlotte would have the latest technology lock system.

The place you choose to install your safe is very important. The general idea is to place the safe in the master bed room. You must remember that a burglar’s first target is the master bed room of a house. As safes are generally kept there it is easy for them to locate it and break it. Basement is another area to place your residential safe but if your area is prone to floods there is a risk of your safe being affected by water.

A standard company matters a lot

A standard company will manufacture safes without compromising on quality. Everyone would like to invest on a safe that keeps your things secure and can be got at a reasonable price. While choosing a safe it is not advisable to go for those substandard ones as they are made of cheap quality material and could be easily broken. If you are looking for a standard residential and commercial Locksmith in Charlotte the One Stop Locksmith is a licensed and insured locksmith with 9 years of experience in all areas of lock and key service. It is known for its professional expertise and cutting edge technology in providing a secure platform to your hard earned possessions. The One Stop Locksmith, Charlotte, NC is the one contact point for all services concerning locks, keys and security systems.

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