Most Common Door lock Problems

A faulty door lock should not turn your day awful. Sometimes it goes unnoticed that your door key has become loose and if you do not change it your security might be at threat. Doorknobs, handles and locks provide security to our home/office but we notice them only when they stop working. All doors may wear or break in time and can cause a possible lock out that can come as an absolute surprise and cause a lockout. Locksmith in Fort Mill, SC would like to tell you about some of the most common door lock problems.

Door lock Problems

Frozen locks are a common problem that you face in the winter season. The water enters the knobs and gets frozen tampering with the smooth mechanism. You can use a hair dyer to melt the frozen water and operate it. But applying more heat could cause permanent damage. You could also call a reliable locksmith in your area to help you in a professional way like Fort Mill Locksmith.

Loose locks: Here the key turns but doesn’t lock. Many of them do not know that a lock however secure it may be becomes loose as it gets older. In such cases your lock can be easily unlocked by using hairpins or other tools. It is extremely important to have a qualified locksmith fix this issue right away so your home is secure and intact.

Clogged mechanism/ lock seizures: sometimes you are able to get the key in the lock but not turn the key this happens when some dirt has entered the lock. This is one of the most common key problems that professional locksmiths face. Forcing the key into the lock may break the key and make matters worse. You can use silicone or graphite spray to lubricate the lock but if that doesn’t work you can take the assistance of a reliable locksmith like Fort Mill Locksmith.

Door lock wound not latch this is because Try to adjust the screws on the strike plate and set its height. If this does not work try to replace the strike plate with a new one or contact a professional Locksmith in FortMill SC to rectify the problem.

Key won’t turn insert there are a number of reasons for this. First and foremost make sure it’s the right key. Sometimes you might be exhausted after the day’s hectic work and would have forced in a wrong key into the lock. If it is a newly cut key there’s always the chance that the key may be poorly cut, and thus it is necessary to use the services of an experienced and trusted locksmith. You can either take the services of a good locksmith or approach your locksmith and get the problem rectified free of charge.

Distorted doors: Your door and door frames become warped or quite distorted due to poor weather conditions. You can contact expert locksmith team in your nearby area like Fort mill Locksmith. SC to fix your problem. To get instant help for lock repair contact One Stop Locksmith. One Stop Locksmith is famous for its timely, accurate, professional service. For all locksmith services contact One Stop Locksmith, a licensed and insured locksmith with 9 years of experience in all areas of lock and key services. Call One Stop Locksmith Fort Mill, SC anytime day or night. One Stop Locksmith is the one contact for all services, concerning locks, keys and security.

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