Lost Car Keys… What You Should Do?

Imagine a happy day all set to attend a much awaited meeting being spoilt just because you lost your car keys. This is something we would have encountered at some point or another in our lives. Your world does not stop just because you misplaced your car keys. There might be instances where you lost your car keys somewhere while you have been buying a product or did a lot of shopping and just can’t recall where you have misplaced it. Sometimes you might have left your pet inside the car and you might have returned to find that you have lost your car key. Your immediate reaction would be to panic.


There are a few options for you in case you have lost your car keys. This problem could be solved if you have a spare key at a reachable place. In case you don’t have a spare key and you are locked out then the problem is complicated. This is one of the most harrowing experiences. However, you need to calm down and start thinking coolly instead. I know it is easier said than done, but thinking in a relaxed mood will help you make better decisions. You need to know about the different types of car keys to take a proper decision. Think over the various options available. In a situation like this we tend to be swayed by the cost of things and forget that sometimes we need to pay attention to efficiency and reliability. You need to contact a 24 hour commercial locksmith in your nearby place say Charlotte. A 24 hour locksmith in your place would solve your issue instantly.

Here a few basics about different types of car keys that would help you to take proper decisions. It is important to always think about a key in relation with its lock and this will help you to get a better idea of how secure each of this element is. A reliable professional locksmith would enlighten you in this regard. If you have fairly modern car of the 90s there is a high probability for you to have a programmed transponder key coupled with a keyless remote. A transponder key is different from a traditional key as it takes the pairing process between a car and a key to a heightened level. These are more secure as they maximize communication between devices and in effect make cars more secure. Keyless entry remotes are also referred to as key fobs. In some cars the key fobs are paired with transponder keys. But recently the newer car models have done away with the transponder key and rely only on keyless entry remotes. This key constantly communicates with your vehicle and makes your car more accessible to you. There are many advantages of keyless entry remote but a key fob replacement process is not as cheap as it is with traditional keys. It is easier to replace and manufacture traditional car keys as the key is not paired with any internal electronics of the car. A commercial locksmith in charlotte can help you to get out of the stressful situation.

In case you are stranded without your car keys you could also call the dealer or the manufacturer to tow the car. However, it may take a lot of time for them to arrive. Services might not be available in case of night hours. The manufacturer might charge you exorbitantly for his service. Leaving the car at an unknown place and moving on might not be a safe option. So, what you could do? You could call for the services of a 24 hour commercial locksmith in Charlotte. A qualified locksmith could immediately save you. This is the best option as a locksmith can reach you much faster than a manufacturer. Best locksmiths always work 24/7 to meet emergencies; therefore they can reach you in 30 minutes. Thus a professional locksmith is just a phone call away from you.

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