5 Ways to Improve your Home Security

Home is a place of comfort and security. Your home may be a rented or a purchased one but the security of your home is very important. To ensure its safety the security of here are a few steps to be followed.

Get a new set of keys when you enter your new home: Getting into a new home is exciting and there are a lot of expectations on your new home. It doesn’t matter if you are renting or purchasing a new home/apartment. Any negligence on the owner’s part in handling the keys might put you in danger.


If you are moving into a new home you need to confirm if the contractors and realtors have had access to your keys. Thus for security you can either have the locks changed or re-keyed by a professional, reliable, residential locksmith in your area to make your home really secure.

Improve your external lighting: Take away ladders, garden tools, metal bars, ropes lying around that may help the intruder to break into your house. Darkness encourages the intruders to gain entry into your house. Make sure that all exists in your house is well lit so as to scare the intruder of being easily visible round the corner or from your neighbours house. Growth of thorny shrubs and installation of barbed wire makes access to your house difficult and discourages the intruder and make your home safe.

Install high security locks: High security locks range from deadbolt system to high tech automated security. Generally wooden doors are fitted with a Yale type of lock by default. These types of doors are easily forced because the keeper is normally held by two or three screws. A mortice lock is much more secure. In case of a mortice lock the bolt of the lock projects into a slot in the door jam. As a key is required for opening the door it can’t be opened by breaking a glass panel on a door and turning a knob or handle. Moreover it is mandatory requirement for insurance policies that you install mortice locks. The modern aluminum PVC doors usually have these fitted as standard. The central locking mechanism is normally linked to two additional bolts that project into the door jamb top and bottom for additional strength. Get advice from a professional locksmith on what type of high security lock is appropriate for you. It is appropriate to approach a safe locksmith Charlotte for this purpose.

Keep track of all your keys: If there are more members in a family, it is normal for each member to have their own key so as to enable them to come home according to their timings. In such cases there is every chance for a family member to misplace a key. Thus, it is required to check now and then that all your keys are safe, and a misplaced key might affect your security.

Get an alarm system: An alarm system adds another layer of protection to your home. The alarm sound is sufficient to make an intruder abandon his plan and make a hasty escape. There are many alarm systems in the market depending on your security needs and budget. Advanced alarm systems send notifications to the nearest law enforcement outposts for quicker response.

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