Closing on a New House? Don’t Forget to Change Out the Locks

There is no question of security when it is about your home. Security is the main concern for many homeowners; they always want to keep their home and family in a safe and secured place. However, if you are in a home that has changed its ownership recently, you need to rethink the security as the previous home owner may have all the locks and keys. They knew every bit of it, and even the agent who sold in the middle of you and your past homeowner may know everything about the home. So, a security concern will arise in your mind.

So what's the next step to go with to secure your home and especially to feel your new home as your own home with good security and safety?


'Rekeying' with residential locksmith charlotte - yes! You read it right

Rekey locks in charlotte are the best way to improve the overall security of your home. To make it more simple, upgrade to the new keys can solve your problem instantly. Because you might know how many extra or spare keys are there with different people who sold the home for you today. They might have given the home for lease or rent before you undertake the ownership.

As we cannot trust the different people, you should rekey locks in charlotte in the entire home to make it safe and secure for your family. Also, rekeying with the residential locksmith charlotte is the safest and most affordable way to secure your home. It is even better to rekey the entire home with a single key w is the cheaper option you have in your hand.

Do you need to rekey for New Builds also?

The answer is yes!

Newly built homes also should be rekeyed with residential locksmith charlotte. When your house is under construction, the locks often use a master key system. Many people don't realize that while the new owner receives the unique keys, sometimes the master pins are just left behind in the lock. If this happens, the lock can be opened and rekey locks in charlotte with ease using the master pins. So, it should be rekeyed to remove those master pins so that a single key can help you to unlock that.

If you are a current resident and didn't own a pre-owned home, nor have a new one built, do you still need to rekey your home with residential locksmith charlotte?

A big Yes again!

Of course, you may think that rekeying makes sense for the new homeowners, but it is also advantageous to the people who have lived in the same residence for years because every homeowner has loaned a spare key or two for the family or friends. However, the keys you have lent temporarily to someone can be copied easily. It means they can remain in the hands of other people whom you don't want in your home. If you are not sure about the home and are floating around, you should rekey all the exterior doors with a single key. It can help you solve your problem instantly. After you have rekeyed locks in charlotte's home, you can have complete control on the critical inventory and have better control over the home to every corner and every confidential corner in your home.

To rekey locks in charlotte, we used to remove the pins and springs in the lock cylinder and replace them with springs and pins that work with a specific new key. That means you o need to replace the locks altogether. Instead of that, you can ensure all the locks work with a single key and have better control. It also helps in avoiding the confusion of multiple keys. The one-stop locksmith company analyses the current locks with utmost care and checks the lock's condition. Residential locksmith charlotte replaces the worn parts and lubricates the rekeyed lock to make the functionality even better and smooth. We also replace any locks that are too worn to be rekeyed.

Trust residential locksmith charlotte

If you are looking for rekey locks in charlotte, "the one-stop locksmith" is the best choice for the rekeying services in charlotte. We continually train our technicians with the latest methodologies ad techniques on repairing and rekeying the different locks at residential locksmith charlotte. We always ensure you get the best service possible when you choose to rekey locks in charlotte. All our technicians are very professional and follow a strict guideline that ensures your future safety with residential locksmith charlotte.

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