Why You Need to Rekey Your New Home

Security is always at the top priority list when it comes to the home. There is nothing as excited and happy to sign the closing papers on a new home. In the mid of all the excitement of having a new home, there is one pivotal thing that you should not forget is to check off the to-do-list especially the changing the locks where residential locksmith charlotte can help you with the best. Just call emergency locksmith charlotte

While you receive the keys to the new home, you never know how many copies are existed with the old house owner. Though you are going to enter into a brand new home, you might not have a clear idea, how many keys are there with the manager of that particular property before handing it over to you? This raises the question on overall security of your dream home. So changing your lock is the priority thing you should take care. A professional residential locksmith charlotte can help you get the job done in a secured way. Find the best emergency locksmith charlotte


When do you need to change your locks?

You need to change your locks when your safety and security is at risk. We recommend you to change the locks or rekey the locks. The most common situation that you need to change the locks is:

But, most people aren’t aware that instead of changing their locks it is much better to go for a cheaper solution by residential locksmith charlotte – Re-keying them. Here is what you should know about the re-keying of lock and very importantly, when you should need to rekey the lock rather than changing the entire lock. Consult emergency locksmith charlotte

What is re-keying of a lock?

Changing a lock is simple to understand because it’s all about investing money on a new lock. But, when comes to re-keying the lock, you need to know a bit more to understand what exactly the re-keying can offer. To residential locksmith charlotte Rekeying means, changing the way of working of a key.

That means the key of the lock changed to a different key without the need for replacing the lock itself. In simple words, you can keep the same lock but the old key will not work anymore and you cannot operate with the old key. The key will be changed completely with a different structure and lock will remains the same, just connect with emergency locksmith charlotte

What is the process?

residential locksmith charlotte will segregate a old one by taking the lock apart and replacing some of the parts and arranged the pins in a series on the key. They are called as a tumblers or key pins. In every series the key pins in the lock corresponds to the specific key which is used to replace the pins with different ones you need to set a new key that will now operate your existing lock.

We understand that it sounds like a complicated procedure but it is most simple and easiest way to save money and time. It should not take even few minutes to finish the procedure. emergency locksmith charlotte is just a call away.

Matching key to rekey

In order to rekey a lock, the residential locksmith charlotte needs a current matching key. Without a matching key, the only way to rekey the lock will be directly open it. Its not a big problem but it can be done through a skilled locksmith only. It incurs additional charges which can make it more expensive than replacing the entire lock.

So, rekeying will be affordable if you have the current matching key. The rekeying procedure will not hurt the lock security features instead, it makes that more secure than before. The more the pins are in series that better or higher the security will be for that locking.

The residential locksmith charlotte generally swaps the 5 old pins and 5 new pins in a series and makes it more secure. If you are expected a better security for your lock, change them to a new, higher security ones will be the option for you or ask suggestions from emergency locksmith charlotte

Most affordable option

Rekeying is cheaper option because the key pins that are used in rekeying procedure are generally cheap than getting your entire lock changes, when rekeying the locks, you are charged for only the labor work done by the professional residential locksmith charlotte. Whereas when you get your locks changed you are paying for both the labor as well as the parts in it.

One key for multiple locks! Possible??

One more important thing you should keep in your mind is with a built in option to be rekeyed, so you no need to wonder whether your locks are rekey able or not. However, the ways to rekey different lock are not always the same procedure as it requires different tools for different type of locks which are always available with emergency locksmith charlotte.

For instance, the high security locks requires a unique set of tools and key pins to rekey the lock. The rekeying is not just used when you want to leave your old key but it matches more than one lock for the same key.

For example, if your home has several locks and each lock has a different key which is highly inconvenient sometimes? You may also miss out some keys due to multiple keys across the home. You can rekey the locks to match the locks with the same key.

Keep in mind that in order to match the two locks or more with a single key, the lock has to be of same brand or same type of keyholes. If you’re key can fit into the single lock but won’t go into the other lock means the keyholes are different and cannot be matched, connect with residential locksmith charlotte.


If you are searching for the best rekeying expert locksmith in your area, we are the best locksmith in the state. A trusted locksmith is all you need if you are looking for a better security and affordable service.

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