When To Consider A Commercial Lock Change

Many a time, you tend to be so busy in your business with your plans, targets and meetings that you tend to ignore your security. The security of your workplace is determined by your organization’s locks system. There have been several unhappy situations where the crises could be easily avoided with a little care and foresight. It is always better to take the advice of a professional commercial locksmith charlotte, in this regard.


Shifting of Office Premises

Shifting of your office is one important reason to consider a commercial lock change as you must be very careful about your office’s security when you move to a new place. There are high chances for the previous occupant to possess a copy of the office keys or the actual owner to have a duplicate with him. The keys could either be misplaced or fallen into the hands of a third person. So it is very important that you approach a professional locksmith in charlotte to change the previous locks to make your office safe and secure. It often happens that you are very busy settling in your new office that you forget to protect the security of your office. So the first thing that you must do when you shift your office to a new location is to approach a locksmith in charlotte to immediately rekey your office.

Wear and Tear

Even the best of locks become insecure due to wear and tear. Such locks could be easily wriggled by a burglar to break into your premises and take away all your valuables. You might have really struggled to improve your business but a little carelessness on the security might have a negative impact on your hard work. When you find your lock is very loose, tarnished and dull it is an indication that it needs to be rekeyed. In such situations it is advisable to approach a commercial locksmith charlotte for perfect rekeying.

Post Burglary

Many of us think that there are a very few chances for burglar intruding your office post burglary but you will surprised that this leaves your office susceptible to consecutive thefts. Thus it is very important to approach a licensed commercial locksmith charlotte and change your locks immediately. Generally, post burglary, you are so busy replacing laptops, retrieving documents etc that you forget to replace your locks as there is every possibility for the burglar to come back again.

The Office key is lent to a Contractor

When your key is lent out to contractors for repairs or for some other reason it is always advisable to change your lock. There is possibility for a duplicate to be made and this affects the security of your office. Any professional locksmith in charlotte will help you to rekey your security system.

When an employee leaves your office

Whenever there is a tussle with an employee and he is fired, it is very important to rekey your office security system. You generally feel that changing his cabin keys might be enough but this might affect the security of your entire office. There are high chances that the office keys might be duplicated and it is necessary to approach the most reliable commercial locksmith charlotte for help.

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