Top 5 Reasons for Rekeying Your Locks

Rekeying is replacing a lock’s pins and springs and fabricating a new key to fit in. This is the most favored process as it less expensive. Rekeying your home and office is considered the most protective, as it immediately changes your locks. Locksmiths generally state that it is required to rekey your locks for every 5 years for the safety and security of your home or work place. There are many reasons for rekeying your home or office premises and you could approach a reliable, professional Charlotte locksmith for rekeying services.


Mysterious keys- Lost and Found

It is common for you to have come across situations in life where you might have misplaced your keys – home or office. You might have checked in all probable areas with no positive outcome. The keys may mysteriously reappear after a couple of days or weeks. You generally thank your lucky stars and begin to use your keys again. The most important thing is that there are a lot of chances for your keys to be duplicated, in the meantime. This makes your home susceptible and your office security stands threatened. So it is necessary to rekey your locks immediately and you can approach a licensed Charlotte car locksmith for this purpose.

House after Renovation/Repair

There are instances in your life where you might have given your office keys to the contractor for renovation/repairs and replacements. The contractor might return your keys after the work is completed. However, you cannot just continue using the same key as this leaves your office security at jeopardy. It is most advisable to approach a qualified Charlotte locksmith for rekeying as there are a lot of chances that your keys could be duplicated.

Employee Refusal to Submit Keys

You might have fired an employee for various reasons. He/she might refuse to submit keys or would have misplaced office keys. Rekeying is required in such cases as there are a lot of chances for the fired employee to duplicate the keys. If the keys are not immediately changed you might be surprised to find that all important data and valuable documents keep missing. Since rekeying is not a time-taking process you can contact a registered Charlotte car locksmith for immediate service.

Bought a New House/Apartment

Congratulations! Buying a house is a-dream-come-true for most of us. But it is necessary to invest in the security of your house too. Your house key might have passed many hands like the contractor, security, previous owner, neighbor etc. So it is mandatory to rekey your house as it will prevent any other person to operate your house lock with their keys. You can take the help of a professional Charlotte locksmith to make your loved possession secure.

Divorce or Breakup

Going through divorce or a breakup is a bitter experience. You might have gone through depression, emotional and material losses. In order to prevent worsening of the situation it is necessary to immediately rekey your home locks or any other place that your partner might have access to. There have been several instances where people a wallowed in distress after a divorce or a breakup that they forget to take precautionary measures and end up losing a lot of valuable possessions. You could just approach an insured, Charlotte car locksmith for immediate help.

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