Tips From a Professional Locksmith to Improve the Security of Your Home

Security of your house is your priority and responsibility too. It’s a safe space that should have no access to intruders. When the security of your house compromises, your and your family’s safety is at risk. You can minimize the risk by enhancing the security of your house. It’s more than just well-working locks and keys. One needs home security advice from experts like professional locksmith charlotte, who can suggest highly efficient yet cost-effective ways to safeguard your house from intruders. Professional locksmith charlotte has the right expertise as well as experience in home security and services that would enable you to upgrade your home security systems.


The One Stop Locksmith is a highly trusted professional locksmith Charlotte, extending commercial, residential, and mobile locksmith services in Charlotte. They are a team of locksmiths equipped with expertise and experience to render you the best of locksmith services at an affordable price. They provide their locksmith services round the clock throughout the year to help people out of sticky situations or help them enhance their home security with their wide range of locksmith services and security tools.

Here are a few general home security tips from professional locksmith charlotte, one needs to follow to minimize the chances of break-ins.

1) Doors and windows security:

Book an appointment with professional locksmith charlotte and get your doors and windows thoroughly checked. Let the technician analyze and test your doors and windows to check if they have well fitted and appropriate locks that meet the standards of safety and security. Professional locksmith charlotte, also checks if the locks are in good condition or do they need maintenance? They make sure that the locks are well fitted as poorly fitted locks tend to open the doors to unwanted and unfortunate incidents.

2) Steel bars and grilles for windows:

Windows bring in ventilation and keep the airflow. But open windows leave you vulnerable as well. The worst part is that the windows with just glass doors can be smashed into pieces and help the intruder to easily break-in. So professional locksmith charlotte suggests using fancy yet sturdy bars or grilles reinforced on your windows. One might think that bars and grilles might ruin the theme or aesthetics of your home, but there are a lot of options for grilles available in the market, that serve the purpose of security as well as keep the aesthetic vibe of your house. Professional locksmith charlotte can easily install the grilles to your windows and limit the entry of intruders into your house. One needs to hire a professional to get bars or grilles installed on the windows as it requires expertise to ensure that they are well fitted.

3) Use digital door viewers:

One should always be careful when opening the door because you don’t have a clue, who is on the other side of the door. So, one should make a habit of looking at who is knocking at your door before opening it because there are chances of you opening your doors to trouble. The professional locksmith charlotte suggests that digital door viewers are of great help and add on to your home security as well. With a digital door viewer, one can easily take a look at who is on the other side of the door. The best part about these digital door viewers is that they can be easily installed on your door and can be removed, too, if you are moving out of the house. They have a digital screen that gives you a complete view of what lies in front of your door. Professional locksmith Charlotte can easily install them on your door to upgrade your home security like never before.

4) Usage of door chains:

Apart from conventional locks on your door, strengthen your security by using door chains. Professional locksmith Charlotte advises everyone to adopt door chains to double the security at your doors; along with in-built locks fixed in the doors. The additional benefit of fitting a door chain is that it serves as a peep-hole, giving the person a passage to look at who is at the door. Professional locksmith charlotte prefers door chains as they are affordable and easy to use. One doesn’t need expertise to use door chains as they are simple security equipment yet ensures security.

5) CCTV systems:

One of the boons to humankind is the rise of technology. Technology has empowered every domain with its brilliance. Remote CCTV systems are one of the most effective security systems developed and are increasingly used in residential and commercial institutions. With CCTV systems, your space, be it private or personal, can be constantly monitored through the CCTVS mounted on the walls of your buildings. Professional locksmith charlotte recommends CCTV systems as it doesn’t require manpower to constantly keep a watch of your surroundings; as the little cameras can do it round the clock effortlessly and notify you through alarms in case of forced entries or break-in.

6) Sash Jammers:

Sash jammers are one of the cost-effective yet very efficient home security equipment when it comes to home security. They are inexpensive and can easily be installed at your house. Sash jammers restrict the opening of your doors and windows, ensuring that your and your family’s safety. Professional locksmith charlotte recommends the sash jammers because they are relatively cheap, easy to fix, and do a fabulous job to enhance the security of your house.

7) Burglar alarms:

One of the top recommendations of professional locksmith charlotte is burglar alarms, which activate once they sense unauthorized entries and notifies the people living in the house about the intruder. Professional locksmith charlotte suggests changing the code at regular intervals to maximize the security of your house.

Apart from this equipment, professional locksmith Charlotte also suggests a few habits one needs to put into practice to maintain safety and lessen the chances of forced entry.

- Always make sure to lock your garage and garden sheds
- Frequently change the codes and combination of alarms and vaults
- Never leave your doors unlocked
- Never leave the keys of your house or car in common view or easily accessible area of your house
- Change the lock system of your house if you are have recently moved into a new house
- Always make sure you have patented keys.

Professional locksmith charlotte advises all its customers to be constantly alert and never be reckless; when it comes to home security. One act of negligence can risk you and your family. Your safety is your responsibility, and for the rest of your locksmith concerns, The One Stop Locksmith is always available to help people out. It is one of the most efficient and mobile locksmith Charlotte that people trust and rely on.

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