Locked out of your house. 10 ways to handle a lockout

Locked out? Don’t panic! Here are a few tips you can try to help yourself out!

Ways to Get In When You’re Locked Out

1) Make a Call

The first thing that you should do is make a call to family or friends and check whether they have the keys. If you don’t have access to your phone, ask for help from neighbors. If your place is a rented one, try calling the landlord or visiting the rental office. Oftentimes, apartment management offices can help you out of a jam, though they may charge a fee.


Landlords, on the other hand, maybe a bit more hit or miss, depending on their proximity to your location. It's not a bad idea to call them, as it may be possible they've left a key on the premises for just this kind of situation. Or Call residential locksmith services that are available with 24/7 residential locksmith services like The One-Stop Locksmith. They offer amazing services!

2. Take a quick look around!

If you live in a house, check all doors and reachable windows. If you do have a slightly open window, attempt to remove the screen and slide open the window. Be careful if you manage to find and climb through an open window. If you have a garage with access to the house, but the garage is sealed, see if you can open it, or if it opens via remote. If you live in a townhouse, you may have fewer options. If this doesn’t work out don’t worry, there are 24/7 residential locksmith services or residential lockout services available all the time!

3) Contact Neighbours

More than likely either route you decide to take, you'll need a little help from a neighbor. It's highly unlikely you've managed to lock yourself out of your home with a set of tools, a lock pick, or otherwise. However, your neighbors may be able to help you out. They might have tools to help you in like a ladder, a screwdriver, a bobby pin, etc. Even a paperclip or a wire coat hanger that can be straightened can be used to finagle a lock if you're lucky, though this depends on the kind of door your house has. They may also have some tips to help you break back into your home.

4) Using a Credit Card or Library Card to Unlock the Door

Depending on the type of door your home has, you can attempt to pick the lock yourself. Note that many modern, newer doors may not allow for this method. If you (or your neighbor) have a credit card, or better yet, a sturdy, laminated card like a library card, you can attempt to open the lock using this. A laminated card is more flexible and will be better suited to opening a standard spring-latch lock. Either way, use a card that is not incredibly important, as this method may damage the card.

To open the door, slide the card in between the door and the frame and keep your other hand on the knob/handle. You may have to press on the door with the hand holding the knob to create extra space between the door and frame, allowing the card to fit. With the card wedged between the door and the frame, angle the card parallel with the door and where the doorknob is. Feel around with the card inside the frame. You should feel the latched parallel to where the knob is. This may take a bit to find the right spot, but adjust the card to where you feel the resistance of the latch in the frame. Tilt the card towards the doorknob, to allow it to go further in the gap between the door and the frame. Then, bend the card the opposite way, allowing it to slip underneath the latch. More jiggling of the card may be required, while your other hand on the handle should be pulling or pushing the door. Apply pressure to the door/handle when you feel like there is some give from moving the card around and hope that it opens. Don't get discouraged, this can be challenging. If you find this very difficult, reach out to residential lockout services or residential locksmith services. One such is The One-Stop Locksmith. Available 24/7.

5) Remove the Doorknob

If you're unable to open the door with the credit card method, you could attempt to remove the doorknob itself. Note that this will only work again if you don't have a deadbolt engaged. And again, your front door may not have a handle that is so simply removed. If that's the case, contact residential locksmith services. The One-Stop Locksmith has unique solutions.

6) Call the Locksmith

If nothing works, Call the locksmith! You don't have a card, you don't have a way in, you don't have any neighbors. You have no options. It's time to call the locksmith. Costs for a locksmith vary depending on where you live and the extent of the services required. They are many residential locksmith services available that can create duplicate keys, modify, install or repair locks. The one-stop locksmith is one of the residential lockout services that offer 24/7 full service. The services also include installing safes, ignition keys, re-keys, and many more.

4 Ways to Avoid or Prevent a Future Lockout

Now that you’re in your house, it’s time to plan and make sure you don't get locked out again.

Even though we have residential lockout services available, Prepare for the future by taking some preventative measures as soon as you move into a new house. By following the four tips below, you can save yourself from losing precious time and money in the event of an untimely lockout.

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