How frequently one should change the locks of their house?

Your house is your comfort space, guaranteeing its security is always on top priority for our well-being. Any disturbance to your house’s security can cause you to err not just emotionally but also financially and mentally. Therefore, you must do all that you can to keep your house safe and secure from intruders and burglars. There are always Residential locksmiths available in Charlotte. You can always contact Residential locksmiths in Charlotte to protect your safe space. There are local locksmiths in Charlotte available to serve you in the best manner, hence, you can rest easy.

Burglars by google are defined as “the act of breaking a dwelling at night to commit a felony (such as theft) broadly: the entering of a building with the intent to commit a crime.” The very first thing that they typically search for is susceptibilities within the locking mechanism of the front entrance and windows.


The majority of burglars attempt to sneak in through the front entrance, and what might come as a shock is that the majority of the time, they find these doors unlocked, which may be a very irresponsible act on the homeowners’ part. A good lock is that the most elementary and important defense against such threats and must be your priority in terms of physical security. Local locksmith in Charlotte will come to your rescue if you want to install one. There are also residential locksmiths in Charlotte. A compromised lock is often an explanation for worry and stress by making your property a lucrative target for criminals.


If you've not got your door locks changed or did so way back that you simply can’t even remember, you're not alone. Sadly, many of us overlook this basic security measure and put our home security in danger. Door locks, unlike other domestic items, don’t need regular upkeep and maintenance. For example, you won’t be required to vary them as regularly because of the filters in your HVAC system or the oil in your car. It is advised to vary your door locks once every seven years, but that depends on several factors. you would possibly even be required to vary them way before the seven-year recommended mark, or way after if the locks are rarely used.

Let’s check out the situations that determine how often and when the locks should be changed.

You lost your keys!

Keys and locks are available pairs, and, if one gets compromised, the whole security system gets compromised. Therefore, if you lose your home keys, it's recommended that you simply change your door locks as a security measure. Failing to try to, leaves your security system in a vulnerable state since you'll never know who has access to the lost keys. You can always do so by contacting a local locksmith in Charlotte that are also residential locksmith in Charlotte like The One stop locksmith.

Outworn or faulty locks

Everything deteriorates over time, even the foremost secure locks. If you are feeling like your locks are old, became difficult to use, or it takes extra effort to lock or unlock the door, it might be an excellent idea to call a knowledgeable local locksmith in Charlotte and have the locks replaced ASAP. Faulty locks also increase the prospect of a lockout, which are some things you'd not want to experience. You can always replace the old keys with your new ones with The one stop locksmith that is a residential locksmith in Charlotte.

Intrusion or break-in

You must immediately change your locks if you experience a break-in, or maybe an attempted break-in since there’s no way to tell if the burglars made copies of the keys giving them access to your property. Intruders may additionally tamper with the locks causing them to malfunction and thus, compromising their effectiveness. Contact a residential locksmith in Charlotte and get your issue solved.

New home

It is always an honest idea to put in new locks if you progress into a replacement home. The previous homeowners and their family and friends may need keys and their copies for the prevailing locks, and you certainly wouldn't want strangers to possess access to your home. So again contact your local locksmith in Charlotte like The one-stop locksmith that is available 24*7 with exceptional services for you.

Someone moved out

If your roommate, tenant, or partner has shifted, you would possibly want to change the locks. Even if they return their keys, you don’t know if they made copies. Changing the locks will ensure they don’t let themselves in without your permission.

Someone has your keys

Another instance when changing the locks would be wise is that if you gave your keys to someone, like repairmen and other service providers, and then they didn’t return them. Unless you're taking action and replace the locks, this will give unwanted access to individuals. You can do so by contacting your local locksmith in Charlotte too.


There are some ways during which you'll upgrade from the normal lock and key method. For one, if you do not wish to hold a bulky set of keys for each door of the house, you'll have one key made which will unlock all the doors of your residential property. Another great and modern way is to modify to a keyless entry system that allows you to in by verifying your credentials. Contact your residential locksmith in Charlotte to grab on to these kinds of locks.

There are two methods involved in changing the locks; replacing and rekeying. Both make sure that the old keys can not open the locks.

Replacing door locks means removing the prevailing lock from the door and installing a replacement one in its place. Rekeying involves leaving the old lock and instead, changing the prevailing key to a replacement one.

You can replace your locks if you would like to upgrade them to high-security ones, or if you've got locks of various brands around the house and need to open all of them with one key. You do so by contacting residential locksmiths in Charlotte. Rekeying, on the opposite hand, is completed once you are proud of your existing lock installation and don't wish to vary it. However, it's not only used when you wish to retire old keys but also once you wish to open many locks with an equivalent key. They are many local locksmiths in Charlotte that will do that for you.

If you opt to change your door locks, you want to choose the simplest choice to make sure the maximum level of security. Before we reveal our top pick, you want to understand a really common phenomenon referred to as lock snapping. If you discover yourself in any of the above-mentioned situations, your first instinct must be to vary your locks. If you’re unsure about when it must be done, you can consult a knowledgeable residential and local locksmith in Charlotte like the one-stop locksmith for expert advice.

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